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Exciting news for fairy tale enthusiasts! BGSNA will conduct interviews with experts in the field of fairy tales, available to the public for free! Future interviewees include writer, teacher, and dancer Jeana Jorgensen, Prof. Maria Tatar from Harvard University, Prof. Cristina Bacchilega from the University of Hawaii, and filmmaker Gabriele Rose. Stay tuned for updates!

May 17, 2024:

Prof. Pauline Greenhill

Prof. Pauline Greenhill, from the University of Winnipeg, is the first Canadian scholar in the BGSNA Interview Series. Among innumerous publications on fairytale studies, Prof. Greenhill is also one of the brilliant minds behind The International Fairy-Tale Filmography (IFTF).

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March 06, 2024:

Prof. Donald Haase

Prof. Haase epitomizes fairy tale studies! He and Prof. Zipes complement each other like the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in regards to their lifelong scholarly contributions to fairy tale studies.


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Dr, Donald Haase
Dr. Lindy Ryan

January 23, 2024:

Prof. Lindy Ryan

Prof. Lindy Ryan is the winner of the Best Book Chapter Award by the BGSNA for "The Unapology of Baba Yaga" in Into the Forest (2023).

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October 03, 2023:

Prof. Jack Zipes

Prof. Jack Zipes is one of the most prominent and prolific scholars of fairy tales in the U.S. and worldwide. Listen to how he discovered the Grimm fairy tales while conducting research on the "Frankfurt School" as a Guggenheim scholar in Germany. His theoretical knowledge of literature and society enabled him to disseminate folk and fairy tales in a new and modern light. His acumen for finding so far unseen details in the stories that evoke justice and morality, as well as his comparative approach are the foundations of his numerous books and articles which brought him accolades from academia and popular media.


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