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Members are encouraged to promote and contribute to the study and research of all aspects of the legacy and the spirit of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, their works, their lives, their period, and the historic and contemporary dissemination of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales as well as other related texts.

Members receive free participation at events and discounts for future exhibitions and merchandise.

If you prefer to deposit the membership fee or your donation on the bank account of the BGSNA, please pay into Wells Fargo account # 9994923705. THANK YOU!

PayPal email: 

Account of the Brothers Grimm Society of North America

MEMBERSHIP FEES (unchanged) FOR 2024

You'll receive a TALE IN THE MAIL and an illustration as a welcome gesture from the BGSNA. Members receive a discount for merchandize/events and access to exclusive content.


Regular Membership

Member at Large.

Consider serving on the board! E.g.,

Membership Officer; Treasurer; Web Master; Research and Project Coordinator, etc.

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Patron Membership

This is the membership for supporting, inactive role in BGSNA.

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Discounted Membership

Students, adjuncts, retired, unemployed.

A two-year Free Membership is offered for students who are working and completing a study related to the legacy of the Brothers Grimm. Please send project information to:

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Would you consider serving on the Board?

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The BGSNA is proud to feature our esteemed Honorary Members vaunted for their publications and international and national scholarly contributions to the dissemination of the Grimms' Fairy Tales and folklore research and studies.

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